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2 Stroke Motor Specifications
Spark Plug Gap (48cc and 66cc): 0.6mm, (0.024") Recommended Fuel/Oil Mixture (48cc and 66cc): Run-in: 24:1 - Use 1 gallon and easy riding. Thereafter: 32:1 Compression Ratio (48cc and 66cc): 6
5 Tuning Tips for Your Gas Powered Bicycle
Building a gas powered bicycle is a challenging, but an extremely rewarding task. Each motorized bicycle has its own uniqueness, but finding the right tuning is possible if you follow these fiv
Anatomy of a Race Bicycle
Bike - Micargi Huntington Matt Black Motor - Grubee Skyhawk Gt5 Forks - 1" Threadless Triple tree Steam - Shadow Conspiracy Attack Bars - Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Tires - M
CA Motorized Bicycle Laws and Registration
Is My Bicycle With a Engine on it Legal? (California Motorized Bicycle Laws and Regulations) Is my motorized bicycle legal? It is one of the first questions one would ask when conside
Carburetor Assembly Instructions
This is how to install a throttle cable on all slide style carburetors. The spring is placed inside the cylinder slide and is compressed when the throttle is twisted. Be sure it is
Fuel Ratio - Oil to Gas Mixture
16:1 - 8oz of 2 Stroke oil When engine is new 32:1 - 4oz of 2 Stroke oil When engine is Broken In (after 2 Tanks)
Installation Manuals
There are so many manuals on how to install and maintain your motorized bicycle. We thought it would be nice to collect as many as we could and make them available in one place. If you have one we don
Rear Wheel Assembly Install
How to install gear on wheel 1. Remove Wheel from Bike, remove coaster brake arm if equipped. 2. Insert bolts thru Sprocket (Teeth facing inward) then thru 1st Rubber donut 3. Cut a slot in 2nd R