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Rear Wheel Assembly Install
Last Updated: 02/11/2012
How to install gear on wheel

1. Remove Wheel from Bike, remove coaster brake arm if equipped.
2. Insert bolts thru Sprocket (Teeth facing inward) then thru 1st Rubber donut
3. Cut a slot in 2nd Rubber donut and insert in center of rim.
4. Insert thru spokes, 2nd rubber, metal
5. Make sure the hole pattern lines up with the bolts before you start placing the washers and nut onto the bolt.
6. Then start putting the washers on and tighten the nut a little bit to start the star pattern.
7. Start tightening the bolts in a star pattern and continually move around the inside of the wheel and looking at where the sprocket hole is on the outside. Make sure it is centered.
8. Make sure it is Tight and true.

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