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2 Stroke Motor Specifications
Last Updated: 11/05/2015
Spark Plug Gap (48cc and 66cc): 0.6mm, (0.024")

Recommended Fuel/Oil Mixture (48cc and 66cc):
Run-in: 24:1 - Use 1 gallon and easy riding.
Thereafter: 32:1

Compression Ratio (48cc and 66cc): 6:1
Compression, (measured):
48cc: 125psi
66cc: 115psi

Max Power:
48cc: 1.2kW, (1.6hp), @ 5500rpm
66cc: 1.7kW, (2.3hp), @ 5500rpm

Bore x Stroke:
48cc: 40mm x 38mm
66cc: 47mm x 38mm
N.B. Capacity = pi * (Bore/2) * Stroke. e.g. pi * (4.7/2) * 3.8 = 65.9cc. (Calculate in cm.)

Overall Weight:
48cc: 9kg
66cc: 9.5kg

NT Carburetor: Bore:
14mm Float level (48cc and 66cc): 21mm
(Measured with carb upside-down and gasket removed, from gasket seating surface to highest point on float when float is held level)
Main Jet: 48cc: 0.5mm 66cc: 0.7mm or 0.79mm

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